Welcome to Friday Night Progressive.

Broadcasting for over 10 years, FNP starts at 9:00 PM New York Time and generally runs for one to two hours. Friday Night Progressive promotes independent progressive artists in CD quality and was the first to use a chat room during the live show. The Chat room is where you the artist and listener can let loose, find a home, and sell your music or give it away as a gesture of the heart. It is always a friendly place to talk about your new album or single. The audience will always ask about it, and at this point posting your music link is the best time.

FNP plays the best in independent Progressive Rock, Instrumental and fusion. We are also home to many record companies that send us music exclusively to be played on FNP. In some cases you wont hear it anywhere else. FNP wants to be a part of an open playing field. Other stations, DJs and artists can be found in the FNP chat room displaying their links too. It’s good for them, the artists and FNP to be partners in our Genre.

The King Of Prog (Ron Marquiss) is the creator and currently the host of FNP. He is a musician composer, multi-instrumentalist and has collaborated with dozens of the top independent artists from around the world. He is the creator of the IndeProg Awards. A writer who wrote the book “The Answer To Everything” a book expanding on the FNP commentary that starts the beginning of every show. Artists On Line Music Promotions and the sister station FNP has grown amazingly, AOLMP with 60 thousand and FNP with over 5 thousand members. The true talent resides within the FNP community and that its goal will always be one of creativity. ENJOY


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To get your material heard on FNP:

Contact show host.

All tracks should be wave files Albums are prefered.

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