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FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2021 AT 9 PM EDT – 11 PM EDT FNP 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Friday Night Progressive plays the best Independent Progressive Rock, Instrumental and Fusion music on the Internet. FNP is in its 10th year in broadcast- ing, doubling the album list from 33 to well over 60 albums in new independent ar- tists in one year!

FNP plays only the best in progressively-oriented music, leaning more to- wards more complex musical compositions and the virtuosic end of the per- formance spectrum. The FNP playlist generally avoids songs with an overtly pop-music structure. Progressive music is, at its heart, music for the sake of art; any commercial considerations in its presentation are incidental and subordinate to concerns of artistic integrity.

FNP hosts The IndeProg Awards
The IPA is a testament of good will and a gesture in recognition of accom- plishment above and beyond the realm of excellence. It is perceived as a magical award.
Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, the IPA will broadcast the winners from a list of finalists at 9:00 PM New York Time. The location is here:
The main categories are Composition, Instrumental, Vocal and Original.


Every artist that is played on FNP is recognized as special or outstanding and contributes to a genre which is well respected. The IPA was designed to spice things up for the progressive community throughout the world. If you were played on FNP and nominated, that alone should be enough to win. It is important to bring these artists out to the forefront and the IPA certainly accomplishes that goal.


Mixcloud 150+ past shows in Podcast form. check them out here:

To get your material heard on FNP:
Contact show host. All tracks should be wave files Albums are prefered.

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